Textile Printing

Textile Printing

Over 40 Years of Experience – ThinkPrint has pioneered into the digital era of textile printing for a long time

Digital Sublimation: Completely water free with zero impact on the environment, digital sublimation is the printing process on any kind of polyester fabric or blended fabric with at least 65% polyester composition including advanced recycled polyester fabrics, capable of delivering intense colors and time resistant results. Sublimation is experiencing tremendous growth in the digital textile printing world and it does not seem to slow down in the near future.

Digital Reactive: Directly to any Viscose or Cotton fabric achieving a soft touch result in minimum time, with a vast array of designs & colors.

in an excellent value for money ratio.

What we offer

Printed, woven & knitted fabrics for womenswear

Digital Printing

We Think and Print on a prompt response principle, using the latest techniques and a variety of materials.
Digital textile printing allows designers and manufacturers to quickly flow from concept to production. A designer can create a new design or modify an existing one – i.e., revising color schemes – print it out, produce a prototype, and get an approval before manufacturing. Once approved, producers can create one-offs, short runs, or medium runs immediately. Fashion changes quickly in response to changes in the season or new collections, and digital textile printing can facilitate this type of ‘just in time’ production.”
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